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Apr 17 2016


In March the Hungarian Trio travelled to the exquisite valley of Riebeek Kasteel and Riebeek West to play for the wedding of Lizanne and Willie. In this beautiful Cape Winelands landscape of mountains,vineyards and solitude, they had chosen the luxurious Riebeek Valley Hotel for their memorable occasion. This is a beautiful country period piece, an old Victorian house liberally decorated with broekie lace, gazebos and swags of flowers and roses filling the luxuriant garden,set at the foot of the mountains. -

For the ceremony, we set up in this lovely garden and played some beautiful,soothing classical background music as the guests arrived,all exclaiming at the loveliness of the garden and the music. Gabriel’s Oboe from ‘ The Mission’ is always a great favourite, along with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Pachelbel Kanon ,and Bizet’s ‘Carmen’ adds spice to the mix. The grandparents and parents entered to Bach’s Air on a G-String , and the couple chose the Mendelssohn Wedding March , always a stirring and emotional choice for entry.

For these items, we were very happy to be cued by Karen Dreyer, who was co-ordinating the wedding with her customary finesse, attention to detail , and relaxed and friendly demeanour. With Karen in the background, everything of course flowed smoothly and happily. For the Signing of the Register , the couple chose ‘ All I Ask of You” from Phantom of the Opera, and then released two beautiful white doves which flew away over the idyllic setting.

After the rose petal shower around the stone fountain, we all proceeded to the Pool Terrace for pre-drinks, where as usual , it was fascinating to watch how people respond to the effect of live music and the close proximity of artists. We play lighter musical items for the pre-drinks ,some jazz, some gypsy , movie theme tunes , the odd Strauss walts, to please the wide range of guests found typically at a wedding. Children are always fascinated, older people are enthralled by their favourite songs , and younger people smile , laugh and feel romantic! It is always nice for us when people grab their partners and have a little dance out of the lightness of their hearts!

Generous snacks administered to the inner man, always hungry after the emotion of a wedding service and lovely music , and lightness and joy were the order of the day! We wish this super couple well in their lives of married bliss.


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Apr 8 2016


The Hungarian Trio is often privileged to be present at very personal and interesting special occasions.This function was a good example of this- we played at the Graduation Ceremony for SACAP students.Hundreds of young people were graduating from the South African College of Applied Psychology, receiving their certificates in Counselling and Communication skills, and in Communication Coaching.

We have played at these SACAP graduation ceremonies for several years now,and it is always a very happy occasion,with the happy young faces of the students delighted to have achieved their goals, and the proud faces of the parents. Reverend Peter Fox was awarding the certificates ,which he did with his customary grace and warmth.

The ceremony was held in the Old Mutual Conference and Exhibition Centre at Kirstenbosch,a large and beautiful venue which can be divided into sections,one section for the ceremony and another for the party afterwards. ->Gardens>Kirstenbosch>Venues

After the ceremony,everyone was in festive mood,and we played first of all our most jolly, foot-tapping numbers . Some people could not resist dancing , and swept around the hall to the strains of our waltzes and tangos. We are privileged to be present at so many happy days in people’s lives, and try our best to express their joy in our music.

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Mar 30 2016


We travelled up the West Coast to play in Langebaan for the wedding of Steve and Sonia,a wonderful couple living in the UK. Sonia is South African and wanted to share the best of the Cape with her family and friends,many of whom had travelled from the Uk to be with them on this day. The Boesmanland Farm Kitchen is a unique spot right on the beach at Club Mykonos.

It is an informal outdoor “African food” seafood and boerekos eating eaxperience on the beach,the food being prepared on open fires in enormous potjies by Susan and her expert team of helpers. The ceremony was held on the beach,and of course the Cape Doctor felt that the wedding would not be complete without his presence. We set up in a super-strong breeze-the great advantage of the Hungarian Trio is that we do not need any music,music stands, or amplification.The wind blew the chairs down the beach,but we still managed to play the bride in and out! The strong wind made for a hilarious and energising wedding ceremony, everyone ,ourselves included,could not stop laughing and trying not to fall over! Sonia and her lovely daughter sang Josh Groban’s “You raise me up” together with us as a wonderful surprise for Steve. Then everyone walked back to the covered gazebo fro the pre-drinks.

The atmosphere at this wedding was really extraordinarily happy and merry ,Sonja being one of those wonderful,laughing people who somehow lift everyone around them into a special sphere of gaiety.Of course,we played for her our most cheerful tunes and soon had everyone tapping their feet and humming along. The food was absolutely delicious,starting with boerbrood baked in a wood-fired oven and served on enamel plates to help the environment.

Susan, who is in charge of the venue, has a passion for making food the old traditional way, and the guests could not stop queing up for second and third helpings!A special surprise for Sonja and Steve were the resident singers belonging to the restaurant, who sang some real Cape Coon style songs as the couple opened the dance floor.

Sonja had made cushions for all her guests,each with a message of Love,Faith and Hope. We wish Sonja and Steve well in their future lives together.

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Mar 19 2016


Oh to be in Italy , now that summer is here! Well, we cannot all go off to Italy at the drop of a hat , but staying at Devon Valley Castle just outside Stellenbosch in the Devon Valley comes a close second! This is a full-on stone castle , set in magnificent Italianate gardens , with symmetrical avenues of massive cypress trees surrounding a stone fountain, all overlooking hazy fields ,valleys and distant mountains. It could not be more romantic!

Here, we played the wedding of Deirdre Conway and Michael, a unique Cape wedding in the winelands. The ceremony was held deep in a forest glade .The bride entered down a long,treed avenue.Instead of the usual Wedding March ,Deirdre Conway chose “Scent of a Woman” for her entry item, an excellent choice for an unconventional bride. Deirdre was radiant, accompanied down the avenue by her children.

After the moving ceremony , the Hungarian Trio led the guests back, playing all the way back through the forest and up the hill between the majestic cypresses. At the Castle , champagne flowed , well deserved! Many couples like to utilise our mobility in this way , leading the guests from one part of the venue to another while strolling.

On the terrace, we continued with our gypsy serenades, alternating baroque pieces like the well-beloved Pachelbel Kanon and light classics such as Bizet’s Carmen, with items for the jazz lovers , such as Besame Mucho and Girl from Ipanema. Summer Samba is beautiful ,especially on a glorious summer’s day , and of course we played many Italian items to complement the theme and setting.Deirdre had requested especially a lot of French Cafe` music,such as Under Paris Skies,C’est ci Bon ,La vie en Rose etc , and lots of Hungarian gypsy music ,always a great favourite with the audience and with the musicians too. Cape Town felt very far away, we were all in another,more beautiful world!

it is always such a great pleasure to be part of such a special day and to help create an atmosphere of beauty and love.

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Mar 18 2016


Imagine a mysterious forest glade,sunlight glinting through the rustling leaves… no sound but birdsong and the sweetest music…imagine a beautiful bride floating down the rose petal path between bowers of whispering flowers in this summer season’s idyll… imagine the guests listening to loving vows spoken in this dream-like setting… imagine the heavenly music expressing this shining burst of happiness.

Yes, this is exquisite Langverwacht, the most inspiring venue of them all, just outside Kuilsriver, with the Hungarian Trio providing splendid wedding music. Langverwagt combines a natural ,forest setting with magnificent gardens, the life work of the Le Roux family. One thinks of the owner of the famous Courances Garden in France who said ” We know that God alone created the splendours of nature-but what about gardens? Perhaps we both did a little bit together?”

On this occasion, we started with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, so suited to this pastoral setting, and continued with some Hungarian dances and the Bach Air to complement the rustic ,country wedding atmosphere.

Our radiant bride, Adri van der Merwe and her groom walked through a path of ancient oaks to sign the register while the Hungarian Trio led the guests behind them,playing our happiest tune. As the couple exited from the historic manor house,hundreds of years old, we played Love Changes Everything, that Andrew Lloyd-Webber favourite.

Then delicious fruit punch and substantial snacks were served next to the Khoi pond,surrounded by trees,flowers,and overlooking a stunning view of Cape Town and Table Mountain. The guests mingled and gathered into small groups.As usual we strolled from group to group, serenading them and asking them what they would like us to play for them.Fortunately , we have an extensive repertoire and are usually able to oblige with any special requests, from tango to jazz standards, love songs to classics.

The sun set ,lending a golden light as the couple returned to their guests, and expressions of true happiness lit the faces of the guests as they made thier way through the flowery paths to the cellar,twinkling merrily with fairy lights.

Throughout ,Juria and her long-serving team, who have been part of Langverwagt for years , ensured the smooth running of the function unpbtrusively and expertly.

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Mar 12 2016


Our superb live musical entertainment set the tone for a mystical forest wedding on the grounds of D’Aria Winery,just outside Durbanville, about 50 km away from Cape Town.

As the guests arrived ,they were served delicious D’Aria wine to enliven them before they set off on a short walk into the depths of the little forest. We , the musicians of the Hungarian Trio first played at the site of the welcome drinks where everyone was already in a merry mood, and then set off to play in the beautiful glade of poplar trees,for which the renowned Poplars Restaurant on D’Aria is named.

Before playing the Wedding March,we set the tone for the Wedding Ceremony with uplifing light classics, nothing heavy ,just things that most people would know and enjoy, such as Vivaldi Four Seasons, (the Spring is our favourite,with its imitated birdsongs – most apt for the forest setting!) , Lord of the Dance, Bach Air , Gabriel’s Oboe from The Mission , and so on.This time our beautiful bride chose to enter to Pachelbel’s Kanon in D , a very suitable choice as she approached from the other side of a rustic bridge over the stream. Of course,for the Ceremony,we play in a stationary set-up like a string-quartet.

As we played,the bride floated over the path of fallen leaves,our cool and beautiful sounds mingled with the gentle breeze and bird song . A heavenly moment.

The ceremony, Afrikaans and English together, was most moving, and we were encouraged to think of the holy union of two blessed souls.

At the end of the ceremony, we changed the solemn mood to a far more celebratory atmosphere with the Mendelssohn Wedding March as the couple made their exit, and then with our favourite foot-tapping Wien Bleibt Wien, a brilliant cheer-up number for the petal shower and kissing-queue,always a delightful moment!

After a group photograph, the couple and their family left for photographs, leaving their guests in our capable hands. Time for music for the beginning of the party! This is where we start to stroll through the guests,serenading them with romantic gypsy serenades. If there is any constraint in the air,where guests perhaps do not know one another, we pride ourselves on breaking the ice and getting everyone relaxed, happy and chatting.Italian songs made famous by Pavarotti always bring on the smiles, together with movie themes such as Scent of a Woman and Titanic, tunes from Phantom and Les Miserables, some jazzy numbers like Girl from Ipanema, Summer Samba, Besame Mucho , and of course for the older family members, Johann Strauss Waltzes -if we do not play them ,someone will surely ask for them! The evening would not be complete without the romantic violin strains of some Hungarian Gypsy csardas , and some lovely French Cafe` tunes , Under Paris Skies,C’est si Bon etc. African guests always enjoy our Soweto String Quartet style arrangements such as Ntyilo,Ntyilo (Little Bird) , and everyone,not only Jewish or Irish guests, love the Irish Jigs and items such as If I were a Rich Man and Havah Nagila.Tangos always inspire some of the guests to dance the night away, or at least until the Wedding Cake makes its appearance.

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Mar 18 2013


We love playing wonderful wedding music for our many same-sex clients. Their weddings are invariably classy and elegant affairs in the best taste.This picnic wedding was no exception . Anthony and Anthony said their moving vows in a secluded,leafy courtyard , both dressed in white, in front of an intimate gathering of friends and family. We wedding musicians were playing as a Duo (flute and violin , a popular combination for small, intimate weddings.) As the guests assembled,we set the tone with upifting light classics and movie theme tunes such as ” The Mission” .Guests are always delighted to listen to our brand of live musical entertainment , we see their happy smiles and are thankful for this gift of music which we have been given. For the Wedding March ,the two Anthony’s had a friend sing them in most beautifully.

After the Ceremony, everyone relaxed on glamorous throws and co-ordinated cushions in this lovely shaded courtyard, protected from the wind, in front of Durbanville Hills Winery in the Durbanville Winelands. After generous libations of wonderful champagne, Stephanie and her team brought out a procession of stunning picnic baskets , decorated with purple flowers. The contents more than lived up to the decor, consisting af a most generous and succulent assortment of cheeses,salads, breads,quiche , fruit kebabs, pate` ,chocolate truffles and Turkish Delight.

The courtyard was filled with the soothing sounds of trickling water and birdsong. With our strolling gypsy serenades, it made a wonderful setting for a romantic Cape Town wedding. The guests loved especially our lively Jewish items from Fiddler on the roof, and after the picnic was finished,the most musical guests joined us in singing the Pachelbel Kanon in D! They did an excellent job with us on this famous and beloved Baroque piece. Much later , when everyone was in a merry mood, Ant did a Marilyn Monroe impersonation as he threw his bouquet to the guests ,which was received with great hilarity. Throughout, Stephanie ,the Banqueting Manageress at Durbanville Hills and her staff provided a faultlessly smooth and unobtrusive service,ensuring that everything ran smoothly and happily.

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Mar 6 2013


We played recently for the 60th Birthday of Julia O’Leary at Michael Oak Waldorf School Julia wrote us a most lovely thank you letter afterwards. Here it is:

Dear Nerina,donat and Gabor
I would like to thank you most sincerely for the wonderful music and love you brought to my birthday celebration.You made this so SPECIAL,you were really FANTASTIC! and made the party.
Everyone loved you .Not ONE PERSON failed to mention their joy at your presence and beautiful music.
Much gratitude and appreciation

Michael Oak has a stunning hall which they hire out for functions,weddings,corporate events and parties.The hall has a wonderful ,sweeping ,wave-shaped ceiling and star-shaped windows.An organic feel as befits a Waldorf school and most beautiful with its warm-toned wooden floor and celetially blue ceiling. Beneath the floor are buried good wishes for the school , and rose-quartz crystals for positive energy.This lovely energy is certainly felt in this amazing venue. -

Hundreds of Julia’s friends and family and colleagues came to wish her well,and enjoyed the live musical entertainment which the Hungarian Trio provided.We started of with some light classical background music, in the way of a string quartet. as guests arrived in the entrance hall,.When guests were seated, we started to stroll through the hall,decorated with many flowers and candles, serenading the guests in our customary romantic gypsy style.For weddings we usually include a fair amount of light classics,whereas for parties we find it better to stay very light and lively for the most part. Irish jigs, Fiddler on the Roof, French cafe music, Hungarian csardas and waltzes , jazz standards and Andrew Lloyd Webber ,movie themes and on-trend love songs go down very well. And of course everyone always loves Strauss waltzes.If we do not play them ,someone will ask for them! Our music was interspersed with Eurythmy presentations .This is a wonderful form of dance, expressing very deeply the music to which it is performed. Eurythmy is also known as “Dancing with the Angels”,  and is performed in costumes consisting of silk veils which sweep the air as the dancers float through the air. Facinating to watch. We were privileged to play our music before and after this performance. A happy evening indeed.
We have no photographs of Julia’s party,so the above pictures are of the Michael Oak Gypsy Fair, very similar in mood to Julia’s lovely party.


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Mar 5 2013


Imagine having your birthday party in a wonderful crystal tree-house, listening to beautiful music and looking out into the surrounding oak leaves and branches of mighty trees swaying in the wind…This is how clever Clare and Andreas Nel celebrated their joint birthdays at Kelvin Grove – no ,not the august venue that we all know and love, redolent of leather arm chairs , chintz curtains and the Sunday roast – no,this was a new and wonderful setting,perched high in the trees next to the bowling green,walled in glass and with white floors and walls, modern and sparkling yet intimate. -

Clare and Andreas, both such friendly, lovely souls,were so excited to celebrate their birthdays,their wedding anniversary and an upcoming overseas trip. A truly festive atmosphere bubbled throughout the night. Glass globes on each table contained little goldfish, all fluttering their long tails – most exquisite! This was yet another party where we bumped into many old friends, all of whom naturally requested their favourite tunes from us. Our own current favourite is “I’m in the Mood for Love” , a hypnotically beautiful old jazz song. We play it for all guests, if they do not like it, they will get Bartok!

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Mar 4 2013


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a beach wedding? The Hungarian Trio has played for many of these, and they are always lovely, relaxed affairs, any wind just creating an exuberant,hilarious feel to the day. Shoeless guests and the romantic sounds of the Hungarian Trio always create a great atmosphere! At this particular wedding, that of Trixi and Eben, we found ourselves on the West Coast, in Grotto Bay,on a secluded,beautiful beach, exquisite and deserted . After a moving ceremony,everyone got their daily exercise climbing back to Pebble Beach Manor, with its beautiful terrace overlooking a lawn and the green, living sea.

Donat, our bass-player, luckily pumps iron and is therefore able to lug his large and beautiful bass over hill and under dale! Dinner was served by wonderful caterers, and we spent the evening playing romantic serenades for the guests,many of whom were from Austria and particularly enjoyed our wide Viennese and Hungarian repertoire. A beautiful evening to remember!

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