May 18 2011

Du Toit Group Corporate Function at Waverley Hills 27

Another wonderful adventure for the Hungarian Trio!On a beautiful autumn day we drove through the Wellington Winelands all the way to the tall blue mountains of Wolseley.There we found a glorious venue, Waverley Hills, overlooking the beautiful valley.The Du Toit Group, South Africa’s largest fruit exporter,was having a farewell dinner for some executives who were leaving.Who better than the Hungarian Trio to play them out on a triumphant note? It was a wonderful evening-the manageress, Fina Prinsloo,had decorated the dining room most beautifully-candles,a roaring fire,delicious food and wine and romantic music!The most beautiful shining apples from the Du Toit Group also formed part of the decor. Everyone had a magnificent evening and stayed till nearly midnight!People loved the music so much that the Du Toit management gave each couple one of our CDs as a keepsake of the evening.Luckily we had brought enough CDs with us!

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