Feb 5 2013


Hello all you wonderful music lovers out there!Today is the day of the Red Hot Chile Peppers Concert!www.redhotchilipeppers.com
But for those of you who would prefer your live musical entertainment more restrained,we of the Hungarian Trio can offer you the most exquisite,delightful music!Strolling musicians will serenade your guests with items from the shows,we have some gorgeous tunes from Les Miserables!Its a great time for fabulous music of all descriptions!
Here are two clients who decided to grace their wedding with our mix of light classical background music,string-quartet style, and romantic strolling serenades.Both held their weddings at Welgelee Wine Estate in the Cape Winelands,Sharyn Rook on 30 Novemeber and Mike Dodgen on 17 December.Welgelee is a very beautiful,rural venue,and is also very affordable-a great plus.It is run by a charming and efficient family.Weddings are observed by the horses in a nearby field,very music loving creatures! - http://www.welgelee.com

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One comment on “WELGELEE WEDDING

  1. Cars, buses and trains to Red Hot Chili Peppers? Rather art, charm and refrains of the Red Hot Hungarian Trio!

    John and Greta Graham on said:

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